Start: Holbrook Fire Station 
Ipswich Road, Holbrook, IP9 2QP

Distances: 25, 40, 60 and 100 miles. The 100 mile distance is a combination of the 60 and 40 mile distance.

These links will take you to the routes on Strava:

> 25 Miles
> 40 miles
> 60 miles

Routes are subject to change, please check you have downloaded the final version just before the event.

There will be two types of route signage:

ARROWS LEFT/RIGHT – indicate a turn.  If you see a left or right arrow on its side, this indicates a turn (or fork) from the road you are currently following.

ARROW UP – this indicates to continue straight ahead.  If you see an arrow pointing up, you are to continue the same road, whether this is straight ahead or bends at that point. There are two place, Brantham and Calais St where the straight arrow is for a turning (which is technically straight ahead).

Confirmation signs.  After a route has split, eg. 25 and 60, there will be a confirmation sign with the route distance given above the arrow.

Route conditions/Safety notice:

25 and 60 mile route hazards:

  1. Railway at Manningtree on A137. Option to go over railway line or under tunnel, caution advised.
  2. Gravel, potholes and poor visibility due to tunnel effect of trees on descent under railway bridge from Lawford to Dedham

25 mile route hazards (continued):

  1. Be aware left turn signage after Dedham before Stratford St Mary is slightly after junction due to lack of fixing points. Continuing on this road instead of turning will take you to the A12.

60 mile route hazards (continued):

  1. A134 at Nayland.  This is a busy main road. Please cross carefully.
  2. A1071 Sudbury to Ipswich road at Boxford. This is a very busy road. Turn left and continue for short distance to the next right turn.  Take extra care turning.

40 mile route hazards:

  1. A137 Manningtree-Ipswich road. This is a busy main road. Turn right onto this road for a short distance until the next left hand turn.
  2. Elm Road, Copdock. BT road closure – ignore, passable by bike.
  3. Back roads near Copdock. This can be gritty and very broken in places, one large hole in dark narrow lane.
  4. A1071 Hadleigh – Ipswich road. This is a very busy road. The approach is downhill, beware of gravel on the junction. This right turn is on a bend. Continue a short distance until you turn left to Burstall.
  5. Burstall, BT road closure – ignore, passable by bike.
  6. B1078 Nedging to Bildeston. This is a busy main road that descends to Bildeston.
  7. Ford, Kersey village. DO NOT pass through the ford. There is a drop kerb and footpath to the left-hand side, however there is no drop kerb coming off the footpath.
  8. A1071 Hadleigh. This is a busy main road. This is a staggered junction, a quick left turn, with immediate right turn towards Hadleigh.
  9. A137 Manningtree-Ipswich road. This is a busy main road. Please cross carefully.
  10. Road closed sign at Tattingstone. The road is not closed at the required points, proceed through the staggered barriers.