FAQ for 2020 Challenge event

When does the Challenge start?
We recommend that you start in the month of May and complete your twelve month challenge by end April 2021, in good time for the next Suffolk Fire Ride.

Can I enter and start later?
We request that everyone signs up by 28th June so that all challenges can be completed by the next Suffolk Fire Ride.

Can I register a Junior rider?
Junior riders may enter. We stipulate that anyone under 16 is accompanied by an Adult on their chosen challenge ride. The Adult accepts responsibility for the junior rider and that the chosen route matches their abilities.

What happens when I have completed my challenge?
You will receive a medal for your efforts. We will contact you with a date for a presentation at Felixstowe Fire Station (or we can post it to you). You will also receive a voucher for reduced entry fee to Suffolk Fire Ride 2021.

What sort of bike do I need?
The profiles of all three challenges can be undertaken on many types of bikes, but we do recommend using a road bike on anything over 50 miles. If you have not previously undertaken any distances on your mountain bike we recommend fitting road tyres and undertaking a longish training ride to ensure you are comfortable with your chosen distance.

What training do I need to undertake?
It is recommended that training is undertaken for any distance that is considerably longer than your usual ride, and that distances are increased gradually during training.

What do I need to take on my rides?
Apart from your bike and a CE marked helmet (compulsory), we recommend that you carry a puncture repair kit, at least one mobile phone per group of riders, wet weather gear and sufficient energy gels or snacks for the distance that you are undertaking.

Does the challenge allow for any rest/refreshment stops?
Yes, the challenge should be enjoyable.  You can plan your route and manage your time to include breaks.

Are the routes provided and signed?
No, we do not provide routes for this years Challenge.  These are personal challenges where you set your own goals and routes.

What if I have a mechanical breakdown?
These challenges are self supported. Please carry the correct inner tubes/spares for your bike and be prepared to mend a puncture, or have arranged a lift prior to your ride should you need one.

What do I do in an emergency?
In the event of an emergency that requires immediate medical attention please call 999.

Do I need insurance?
The Fire Fighters Charity only provides basic event insurance, which does not cover participants who have injured themselves out on the road or for loss or damage to their equipment. We recommend that all riders have their own insurance.

What if I want to discontinue with the challenge?
That would be a shame but we do understand that personal circumstances change. We wish you all the best for your next challenge.

Are your stations accessible to the disabled?
Our stations are accessible to the disabled. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

How long does it take to complete the different challenges?

15 miles would take around an hour on a road bike, 100 miles would take 5-7 hours, depending on previous experience and ability.

What does my entry fee go towards?
No less than £18 of the £20 entry fee goes directly to The Fire Fighters Charity. Most of the remaining sum is the Eventbrite fee. A very small percentage will be used in running costs but the Suffolk Fire Ride is almost entirely funded through sponsorship and is run by volunteers.

What does The Fire Fighters Charity do?
The Fire Fighters Charity is the official organisation that support injured fire personnel and their families. Please go to www.firefighterscharity.org.uk for further details of the outstanding work that they do.

Can I purchase a T shirt or Charity Cycling Jersey?
Fire Fighters Charity Cycling jerseys, t-shirts and other items (incl. childrens clothing) can be purchased through their online shop, please go to http://firefighterscharityshop.myshopify.com/collections/adults-clothing . Remember, anyone raising over £175 in sponsorship will receive a free cycling jersey. Please indicate your preferred size when registering.