2019 Routes

Start:  Felixstowe Fire Station 
High Road West, Felixstowe, IP11 9BB

Distances: 50KM and 100KM, plus a Family Route

100KM is shown in blue only, 50KM route is out on the blue, across the green and back on the blue.

These links will take you to the routes on Strava:

> 50Km route
> 100Km route
> Family Route

Routes are subject to change, please check you have downloaded the final version just before the event.

There will be two types of route signage:

ARROWS LEFT/RIGHT – indicate a turn.  If you see a left or right arrow on its side, this indicates a turn (or fork) from the road you are currently following.

ARROW UP – this indicates to continue straight ahead.  If you see an arrow pointing up, you are to continue the same road, whether this is straight ahead or bends at that point. There are two place, Brantham and Calais St where the straight arrow is for a turning (which is technically straight ahead).

Confirmation signs.  After a route has split, eg. 50Km and 100Km there will be a confirmation sign with the route distance given above the arrow.

Route conditions/Safety notice:

50Km route hazards:

  1. to be advised

100Km route hazards:

  1. to be advised

Family route hazards:

  1. to be advised